Diversity and inclusion

We are an inclusive and welcoming organisation. We want everyone who works here to feel they can bring the whole of themselves to work and to thrive in an environment where they feel supported and looked after.

Our seven staff networks cover a wide variety of communities and issues.


The Staff Carers Network is all about bringing carers together and exploring new ways of working in a positive and supportive way. For everyone.


The Diversability Network is committed to welcoming our disabled and neurodiverse staff. With regular reviews, we ensure solutions are identified quickly and that the needs of the network are supported.

Mental Health

This network is aimed at staff with a lived experience of metal health difficulties. The core focus here is to provide support for each other and identify new initiatives that inform positive culture change for everyone.


The Outlook Network works to celebrate the LGBTQ+ and straight allies within the organisation. As a Stonewall Diversity Champion, we want to ensure that everyone here is supported and that we develop an effective equality agenda for everyone.


Have your say on relevant topics that affect Women within the workplace. We works with a range of partners to explore developments that positively impact the needs of Women.


We don’t function as an organisation without the views of every single person that works here. We all play a vital part in delivering our services. By improving and empowering our BAME staff, we ensure everyone is respected, welcomed and given a platform to offer their invaluable perspective.


Exploring and discussing spirituality is important. And offering a forum to do this encourages, broadens and deepens our people’s understanding of others spirituality. Here we’re exploring how to interact with others appropriately and supportively across the Trust.

How can I get involved?

Drop the Inclusion and Engagement team an email at hpft.equality@nhs.net