“You made me realise, learn, accept and step forwards in the knowledge that grief is just love. Grief is all that love I should have been able to give my son. I will grieve for my son all my life, just as I will love my son all my life, and this gives me all the comfort I could ever ask for. It’s taken a while to realise this, but I’m there and in no doubt it’s down to your support. Thank you! Thank you so much. You truly are a credit to your team. Thank you.”

Anonymous testimonial from ‘SU’ to a trainee counselling psychologist.

“During my time with the council I’ve had the opportunity to do some really cool stuff. I gave my views on the Government White Paper on mental health reform and helped co-produce the Tier 4 Home Treatment Team and DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) services which help people develop distress tolerance and emotional regulation.”

Emily, Mental Health Nurse

“I enjoy my role at Forest House. The young people are amazing, and I feel it’s a great privilege to be able to contribute to their journey of recovery.”

Jo Mutton, Lead Nurse, Forest House Adolescent Unit

Adult Community Services

“While working as a nurse I was able to complete the postgraduate training in CBT, which had been my dream for many years. I learned helpful coping strategies for treating different disorders when training as a CBT within an extremely supportive psychology team.”

“My manager has been the most supportive manager I have ever had in my working career. She has been the role model for me.

Monika Lee, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

“In particular, my manager has been very supportive in enabling me to return to work after maternity leave. I reduced my working hours without compromise and now have a couple of days a week at home with my son which is very important to me.”

“HPFT is a trust that puts service users and staff at the centre of their thinking. Service users are encouraged to have a voice and they strive to develop a supportive, welcoming and compassionate service.”

Dr Laura Conroy, Clinical Psychologist

“I had never worked with older people before but learnt so much from the team and found the work so rewarding that I stayed for seven years!”

“I have been particularly struck by the dedication of my colleagues and the compassion that is shown to the vulnerable people that we work with every day – it’s what makes HPFT a great place to work”

Alison Barr: Senior Social Worker/AMHP

“I have been on a real journey, starting as a Band 5 Care Co-ordinator, I progressed, was supported to do my AMHP qualification and then moved to become the Consultant Social Worker for our Think Ahead programme students.”

Kate Johnson: Professional Lead – Safeguarding Adults

“I find the role challenging and far-reaching. I’m using skills developed over the years to make sound decisions in the best interest of the service user.”

Jane Sidaway (Senior Social Worker)

“During my time on the Think Ahead programme, I found the Trust to be incredibly supportive and I was given ample opportunity to develop my practice.”

Ben Roderick – Senior Social Worker

“I’ve been able to develop great working partnerships with neighbouring organisations throughout my career and enjoy the diversity and autonomy of all my roles”

Marsha Antoine – Senior Social Worker

“The learning culture is fantastic. I’ve been supported (and persuaded) to develop my career in the Trust and had so many opportunities to enhance my learning.”

Karen Hastings – Head of Social Work & Safeguarding